Secrets of Sand And Shadow

Deeper into the Crypt They go.

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After Defeating the hobgoblins in the previous room, the party decides to follow the corridor through the doors to the west. A few dozen feet down the corridor they enter another room, roughly chalice shaped. I in the room is a large mural of a darkened castle that seams to ripple with life. As Alatris approached the mural a large slime covered creature oozes forth from it.

The intrepid party immediately sets to combat this new threat. Cale moves to the side of the entrance-way, and fires off a crossbow shot that goes wide. He is followed up by Brandis, who attempts to introduce the mindless monster to his faith. Alatris quickly breathes an acid breath on it, which it shrugs off as if it never felt it, followed by lightning quick strikes with his two swords. A quick skirmish takes place, where the ooze gets injured severely and splits into two oozes, who are then joined by two vengeful specters hell bent on getting to Manadble. Cale and Alatris take out the oozes with some help from Brandis, Mycale, and Manadable. They then focus thier attention on the specters. Brandis shows them the power of his god and they make quick work of them.

After the battle they inspect the mural further, and Mandable determines that it’s a one way portal of some kind. They can’t enter it as it’s not really on this plane of existence, but another one. They then choose to take a right where they find a long corridor with two large pits at either end. They notice that the hall turns to the right at the upper end, but go back to continue searching the way they came in. They then take the left hand doors.

This leads them to a large room with several niches built into each wall. As the party slowly enters the room, the doors to the north east swing open. Through the door walk two glowing giant scorpions. Although the party makes quick work of the Magma Claws, Mandable and Mykyle both are almost backstabbed by gnomes lurking in the shadows. Even the gnomes don’t stand long against the party’s attacks though.

From there they choose to go through the northern doors that the Magma Claws. The next room appeared to be an old brig or converted jail. There were two cells along the east wall. In each cell was a handful of children… could these be the children from Fellwall? In one cell the children were huddled around, almost protectively, a small bundle of rags. After several false starts (and a few magic tricks from Mandable), Mykale was able to convince the older children that they are friends. The children then reveal that the bundle of rags, is in fact a beaten old man. His injuries are so severe that he likely wouldn’t have survived much longer. Brandis immediately swept in, and used every healing trick at his disposal.

Once the old man was have to recover enough to be moved, he identified himself as Fain, Lord Barland’s man servant. He had been trying to keep the goblins from beating or otherwise using the children in the cells. The last time they beat him so badly that he doesn’t remember being brought back to the cells. Just a woman’s voice screaming for them to stop beating him, just as a hobgoblin boot came crashing down oh his head, the last thing he saw was Katha tied to a stone table surrounded by panthers. The next thing he remembered was bring dragged up a set of spiral stairs, then waking up with Brandis standing over him.

The party then debated what to do about the children and Fain. He was too weak to fight off any attackers, and they couldn’t keep them there. After a fierce debate, it was decided to escort them to the dwarf and the witch for them to look after them until they could get back to them and escort them to Port Bier.

Fortunately, the dwarf had anticipated the need for descrete shelter, and built a small lean-to out of the nearby trees and branches. It’s so well hidden that the hobgoblins are very unlikely to find it.

Once the children are settled in, Fain starts to weep, telling Brandis that there may be more children in the ruins… he couldn’t keep them all as hard as he tried. The party then headed back in to explore the rest of the ruins. They choose to continue exploring the area around where they found Fain and the children. As they ascend a dark stone staircase, they are met with increasing numbers of spider webs.

At the top of the stone stairs is a is a medium size room, and in the middle are three Ettercaps. Two roar defiant challenges and rush to block the entrance to the room, while the third enchants the ground around the party. Quickly thick sticky spider webs enshroud the party, immobilizing them. The Alatris and Cale quickly free themselves and make short work of the Ettercaps, but not before alatris is seriously injured by a Large battleaxe. Manadable and Mykale work together to minimize the affectivness of the third Ettercap, and it quickly follows the first two.

Here the heroes take a well deserved breath, before going deeper, and finding the rest of the missing villagers and children.

“Eyh Seind duh PIGEN!”
  • Mayor Barland was found crying in Brin’s estate when the party returned; he was holding a letter with information about the destruction of Fellwall. During the conversation, Barland requested the party’s assistance to travel to the garrison near Nalin’s Inn. The letter was brought by Roq on his way through Port Bier before he left via ship.
  • Borrowed horses from Brin and took almost 3 days to arrive at the garrison. The entire garrison was butchered, the bodies were piled in the center of the courtyard and two guards were pinned to the gates. While searching the garrison the party discovered messenger pigeons.
  • Pigeon was sent to Brin with information about the garrison and the party’s current mission to travel to Fellwall after stopping by Nalin’s Inn.
  • Arriving at Nalin’s Inn the party found 8 survivors (including Nalin) who gave stories about the recent kobold & goblin attacks. After the attacks, the enemy was stealing any bodies left outside for some unknown reason. The survivors went to Port Beir and the party used the inn to rest and recover.
  • When arriving at Fellwall, the party found out the attack occurred roughly 1 week before hand and during the search they found an enemy rescue party carrying a hobgoblin officer. After the small skirmish in which 2 goblins, 2 hobgoblins, and 1 ogre were killed the party captured the officer and interrogated him. He ended up giving Brandis a note containing a map to the mountains in the west which lead to their encampment.
  • A skill check ensued to follow the path or the map, resulting in a large fight against 5 giant Kruthkik (bugs) in a ravine [while following the map].
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