Secrets of Sand And Shadow

“Eyh Seind duh PIGEN!”
  • Mayor Barland was found crying in Brin’s estate when the party returned; he was holding a letter with information about the destruction of Fellwall. During the conversation, Barland requested the party’s assistance to travel to the garrison near Nalin’s Inn. The letter was brought by Roq on his way through Port Bier before he left via ship.
  • Borrowed horses from Brin and took almost 3 days to arrive at the garrison. The entire garrison was butchered, the bodies were piled in the center of the courtyard and two guards were pinned to the gates. While searching the garrison the party discovered messenger pigeons.
  • Pigeon was sent to Brin with information about the garrison and the party’s current mission to travel to Fellwall after stopping by Nalin’s Inn.
  • Arriving at Nalin’s Inn the party found 8 survivors (including Nalin) who gave stories about the recent kobold & goblin attacks. After the attacks, the enemy was stealing any bodies left outside for some unknown reason. The survivors went to Port Beir and the party used the inn to rest and recover.
  • When arriving at Fellwall, the party found out the attack occurred roughly 1 week before hand and during the search they found an enemy rescue party carrying a hobgoblin officer. After the small skirmish in which 2 goblins, 2 hobgoblins, and 1 ogre were killed the party captured the officer and interrogated him. He ended up giving Brandis a note containing a map to the mountains in the west which lead to their encampment.
  • A skill check ensued to follow the path or the map, resulting in a large fight against 5 giant Kruthkik (bugs) in a ravine [while following the map].
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